About Us


Moodkins were created by Liwen Ho with inspiration from her children. Quite randomly, her son asked her one day to make a one-eyed stuffed toy for him, and then her daughter (as all younger siblings like to do) asked for a similar toy, but with two eyes and a smile. Liwen saw the potential of creating toys with different facial expressions. She made some modifications to the prototypes she had made for her kids and thus, the Moodkins were born!

Before she became a mom, Liwen had obtained her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Seminary. She had the opportunity to work as a therapist intern with students at a public elementary school, as well as with teenagers in a residential recovery program. Many of the clients she counseled struggled with feelings of fear, anger and sadness due to circumstances often beyond their control. Through her experiences, Liwen saw how important it was to help children identify and talk about their emotions as a means to coping with them.

The purpose of Moodkins therefore is to facilitate dialogue. They were designed to be a conversation tool, whether in a one-on-one setting or within a group. Moodkins can be used to enhance a professional therapy session, as well as deepen conversations in the home between a parent and child. They can also serve as fun decorative pillows in any living room or bedroom.