Focusing on the Positive: Thankfulness

Bad days happen to everyone, adults and kids alike. Your car broke down … your pet snake ran away … or your spouse (or sibling or child) ate the last piece of chocolate cake. You likely have a dozen reasons for why you want to sing the blues, and many of them could be valid, but dwelling on the negatives in your life will only leave you feeling as low as a slimy slug on its belly.

What can you do, therefore, to help yourself sing a new “tune”? Do what Miss Sing-me-the-blues does! Focus on the positives in your life, and give thanks!


Take any one of the Moodkins you have and look at its happy side. Think of the people, events or things in your life that bring you joy or make you feel loved. Maybe it’s the wet kiss your dog gives you each morning. Or a funny joke you heard. Or the friend you can always count on to listen to you.

Make a list (or children can draw pictures) of ten things you are thankful for. Once you reach ten, think of another five and jot them down. Don’t stop until you have turned the frown on your (or your child’s) face into a smile, just like the one on your Moodkin. Practice this exercise on a daily or weekly basis (as often as needed), and watch your gratitude change your attitude.

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