Moodkins and One-on-One Conversations

Wondering how you can introduce Moodkins to the kids in your life? Here are some suggestions that can be used in a counseling or home setting.

Image courtesy of Ambro/

Image courtesy of Ambro/

For one-on-one conversations:

  • Ask the child to choose a Moodkin and describe its expression.
  • Talk about what it feels like to be _____ (insert emotion).
    • How do different parts of your body feel (ie. head, chest, stomach)?
  • Ask the child why he/she thinks the Moodkin is  _____ (insert emotion). Give your own suggestions (try to pick reasons/scenarios that the child can relate to).
    • For example: I think the Moodkin is mad because someone sat on him and hurt him. I think he is sad because no one was playing with him. I think she is scared because she had a bad dream last night.
  • Share a time when you felt _____ (insert emotion). What did you do to feel better?
  • Ask the child to share a time when he/she has felt _____ (insert emotion).
  • Talk about different ways the child can cope with the emotion.
    • Who can the child talk to when he/she feels _____ (insert emotion).
    • What can the child do to express the particular emotion in safe and healthy ways?
  • Flip the Moodkin over to show the happy expression. Talk about activities or things that make the child happy.

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